(Asian Federation of Middle East Studies Associations)

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AFMA is the federation of academic associations for the Middle East Studies in Asian countries. [->Outline of AFMA]

Current members of area (alphabetical order):
Chinese Association of Middle East Studies (CAMES)
Japanese Association of Middle East Studies (JAMES)
Korean Association of Middle East Studies (KAMES)
Mongolian Association of Middle East Studies (MAMES)

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The 11th AFMA Conference in Ulaanbaatar, 23-24 September.

The 11th conference of AFMA is going to be held under the auspice of Mongolian Association of Middle East Studies (MAMES) in Ullabaatar, 23-24 September, 2016, under the title "World New Trends in the 21st Century and Middle East ".

Conference panels are historical, political, economical, cultural,environmental and civil society issues.

If you are interested in participaring in this conference, either register via your regional Middle Eastern Association ( KAMES, CHAMES, and JAMES), or consult directly with .

The following information should be submitted to MAMES by 5 July, 2016.

  1. Name, current position and institutional affiliation
  2. Paper title and abstract (approximately 350 words in English)

It is to be understood that, for financial reasons, all the participants are requested to pay by themselves for their airplane tickets, accomodation, etc.

For further information, please contact .