(Asian Federation of Middle East Studies Associations)

The 10th Conference of Asian Federation of Middle East Studies Associations (AFMA)

De/Re-constructing Middle East Studies from Asian Perspectives:
Towards the 20th anniversary of the AFMA

Date: December 13 (Sat) -14 (Sun), 2014
Venue: Kyoto University (Clock Tower), Kyoto, Japan

  • Organized by:
  • Japan Association for Middle East Studies (JAMES, currently AFMA presidency)
  • Chinese Association for Middle East Studies (CAMES)
  • Korean Association of Middle East Studies (KAMES)
  • Mongolian Association of Middle East Studies (MAMES)
  • Sponsored by:
  • Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), Grants-in-Aid for Publication of Scientific Research Results (260301) /Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research A (24241080)
  • Kyoto University Foundation


The 10th AFMA Conference Programme (PDF file)


Registration from 9:30- at the Lobby of International Hall, Clock Tower, 2nd Floor

<10:00-12:50 Morning Session>   [International Hall, Clock Tower]

  • 10:00-11:00
  • Opening Remarks:
  • Mari OKA (head of AFMA organizing committee, JAMES)
  • Welcome Remarks: Prof. Yoshiko KURITA (JAMES)
  • Remarks from Member Associations of AFMA:
  • Prof. Pan Guang (CAMES)
  • Prof. Byung Ha Hwang (KAMES)
  • Prof. Nyamzagd Sukhragchaa, (MAMES)
  • Congratulatory Speech by Guest of Honor:
  • Prof. Falah al-Assadi (President, Mustansiriya University, Baghdad-Iraq)
  • 11:05- 12:50 Keynote Lectures
  • Prof. Nelly Hanna (American University in Cairo)
  • “Alternative Ways of Studying Middle East History before Colonialism”
  • Prof. Sara Shariati (University of Tehran)
  • “The Self: Return or Reconstruction? Rereading Shariati’s Theory of ‘Return to the Self’ from a Postcolonial Perspective”


<14:20-16:05 Afternoon Session I>

Panel A-1:
On Syria (Chair: Hidemitsu Kuroki, Discussant: Housam Darwisheh) [会議室Room III]
  • Shizuka Imai (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science/JAMES)
  • Jordan and the Syrian Crisis: The Politics of Refugee Protection
  • Peter Sluglett (National University of Singapore)
  • Deadly implications: the rise of sectarianism in Syria
  • Noriko Sato (Pukyong National University/JAMES)
  • The Group-based Claims erode the Area of Commonality between Christians and Muslims in Syria
Panel B-1:
Economy I (Chair /Discussant: TBA ) [会議室Room I]
  • Ai Kawamura (Kyoto University/JAMES)
  • Crafting Dispute Resolution System for Islamic Finance: Reflections on the Cases from the Gulf and Southeast Asia
  • Jiang Yingmei (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences/CAMES)
  • Financial Globalization and Middle East Financial Security
  • Babak Rahimi (University of California)
  • E-Commerce, sanctions and State Regulation: the Case of Iran
Panel C-1:
Broad Networks in Asia: from the West to East (Chair /Discussant: Tomoko Yamagishi ) [会議室Room IV]
  • Houchang E. Chehabi (Boston University)
  • Turko-Persian Athletic Practices and Traditions: An Asian Perspective
  • Pan Guang (Shanghai Center for International Studies/CAMES)
  • Understanding China's Role in Changing Middle East
Panel D-1:
Rise and Fall of the Global Power : Past and Present (Chair /Discussant: TBA ) [会議室Room II]
  • Kangsuk Kim (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies/KAMES)
  • Nasser's Search for Regime Security and the Failure of U.S.-Egyptian Rapprochement during the Kennedy Years
  • Shigeto Kondo (Keio University/ JAMES)
  • Saudi Arabia’s Palestine Policy and the United States, 1945-1948
  • Tang Zhichao (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences/CAMES)
  • US strategically Retreat from Middle East and Its Influence

<16:25-18:10 Afternoon Session II>

Panel A-2:
On Egypt (Chair /Discussant: Eiji Nagasawa) [会議室Room III]
  • Byung Ha Hwang (Chosun University/KAMES)
  • Analysis of the Main Topics of Egyptian Constitution 2012 and Its Evaluation
    - Focused on the Topics on Islam and Military -
  • Masaki Okado (Sophia University/JAMES)
  • A Study of Egyptian Migrants in Kuwait and their Social networks
  • Junko Toriyama (Ochanomizu University/JAMES)
  • Playing in between multiple female roles: A hidden problem behind low female labor participation in prerevolutionary Cairo
Panel B-2:
New Industrial Challenges in Middle East (Chair /Discussant: Shin Yasuda) [会議室Room I]
  • Suwan Kim (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies/KAMES)
  • Neo-Hallyu in the Middle East, the major part of the Korean Creative Economy
  • Wei Min (Shandong University/CAMES)
  • The Tourism Development and The Re-construction of Middle East
  • Bukhary Essam Amanallah (Al-Imam Mohammed Ibn Saud Islamic University/JAMES)
  • Building Indigenous Solar Energy Industry in Saudi Arabia: Present Situation and Future Prospects
Panel C-2:
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Chair /Discussant: TBA) [会議室Room IV]
  • Hiroyuki Suzuki (University of Tokyo/ JAMES)
  • The First Palestinian Intifada: An Analysis of Mobilizing Leaflets
  • Tina Ottman (Kwansei Gakuin University/ JAMES)
  • Deconstructing ‘collective trauma’ and the Israel-Palestine conflict: To what extent is the concept of ‘collective trauma’ necessary to peacebuilding in the Israeli-Palestine conflict?
  • Joshua Rickard (National University of Singapore)
  • Divided Identities: Isolation and Social Agency in Palestine after the Second Intifada
Panel D-2:
The role of Japan in Arab/ Muslim Societies (Chair /Discussant: Toru MiuraA) [会議室Room II]
  • Mahmoud Al-Qaysi (Baghdad University, Iraq)
  • Toward a Network of Collaboration Between AFMA and the Iraqi Associations, Academia interested in Middle Eastern and East Asian Studies
  • Abrar Abdulmanan Bar (Keio University/JAMES)
  • Japanese Experience for Women Empowerment in Higher Education: Lessons for Arab World
  • Hiroshi Kojima (Waseda University/JAMES)
  • Correlates of Halal Food Consumption in Japan, Korea and Taiwan

<18:30- 20:30> Reception Party [International Hall, Clock Tower]

Day 2 (DECEMBER 14 [Sun.])

<9:30-11:15 Morning Session I>

Panel A-3:
On Turkey (Chair /Discussant: Masamichi Iwasaka) [会議室Room III]
  • Kohei Imai (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science/JAMES)
  • Turkey’s omnidirectional diplomacies during the Justice and Development Party (JDP) era
  • Xiao Xian (YunNan University/ CAMES)
  • China and Turkey: A New Strategic Partnership
  • Jang Ji-Hyang/ Peter Lee (The Asan Institute for Policy Studies/ KAMES)
  • Korea and Turkey as Emerging Middle Powers: A Comparative Study
Panel B-3:
Political Economy and Contemporary Social Issues (Chair /Discussant: TBA) [会議室Room I]
  • Ali Kadri (National University of Singapore)
  • How to address political economic issues in the Arab World
  • Yushi Chiba (University of Tokyo/ JAMES)
  • Media and Regulation in Contemporary Arab Countries: Historical Perspective
  • Purev Lkhagvasuren (Ministry of Education and Science/ MAMES)
  • Current situation of Khoton Ethnic Group of Mongolia: The Population Settlement and Level of Education
Panel C-3:
"Arab Spring" and social situation in the Arab world (Chair /Discussant: TBA) [会議室Room IV]
  • Chan Ki Park (Myungji University/ KAMES)
  • The Arab Spring Revisited: A Study on the Comparison of the Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt, Applying the Method of Agreement
  • Ahmed Naili (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Libya)
  • The Arab Spring and the Libya case - Affects on Asia
  • Nassima Neggaz (National University of Singapore)
  • Discourses of the Revolution: Syria’s Changing Linguistic and Identity Landscape since March 2011
Panel D-3:
Arts and Literature (Chair /Discussant: TBA) [会議室Room II]
  • Bahattin Yaman (Suleyman Demirel University, Turkey)
  • The Perception of Mahdi in Ottoman Culture and Miniature Paintings
  • Sung Il Kwang (Konkuk University/ KAMES)
  • Reclaiming the Past: Mamluk Past in Egyptian Historical Novels of Early Twentieth Century
  • Nele Lenze (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
  • Protest Poetry in Bahrain: Cultural Expression in Public Spaces and Online

<11:30-13:15 Morning Session II>

Panel A-4:
Security, Conflicts and Refugees (Chair /Discussant: Peter Sluglett) [会議室Room III]
  • Miyuki Kinjo (Ritsumeikan University/JAMES) /Taizo Imano (Osaka City University /JAMES)
  • From Conflict Resolution to Conflict Management: The Transformation of Israeli Labor Party during the Peace Process
  • Marie Sato (Kyoto University/JAMES)
  • Jordan at the Cross-road of Refugee Influxes - Middle Eastern Conflicts in the Eyes of Refugee Studies
  • Oyunsuren Samdandash (National University of Mongolia/MAMES)
  • Security Issues the Middle East
Panel B-4:
Modern Political Thought  (Chair /Discussant: TBA) [会議室Room I]
  • Jeongmin Seo (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies/ KAMES)
  • The Role of the Religious Elite in the Arab Political Change
  • Matthieu Serge Claude Rey (National University of Singapore)
  • What did ‘parliamentarism’ mean in the Middle East in the Mid-XXth century?
Panel C-4:
Zionism and Islam in Policymaking in the West (Chair /Discussant: Akira Usuki) [会議室Room IV]
  • Chisako Omoso (Hyogo University/JAMES)
  • The Ideological Background of Islamic Policy in Japan before World War II: The Connection between the Army and Nihon Kokkyo Daidosha
  • Yoshihiro Yakushige (Kyoto University/JAMES)
  • Mandatory Palestine and Japanese Colonial Policy: Yanaihara Tadao and the Gentile Zionism
Panel D-4:
Modern Islamic Thought (Chair /Discussant: TBA) [会議室Room II]
  • Ayaka Kuroda (Kyoto University/ JAMES)
  • Can an Islamic State Achieve Religious Coexistence? Reflections upon Dr. al-‘Awwa’s Islamic Civilizational Project
  • Qolamreza Nassr (Hiroshima University/ JAMES)
  • Ayatollah Taleqani and the Iranian Revolution of 1979: A Review of His Islamic Ideology and Role

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