(Asian Federation of Middle East Studies Associations)

The 21th KAMES & The 9th AFMA
International Symposium

The Middle East in Change:
New Attempts for the Future

bulletPeriod : Oct.5~7. 2012.

bulletVenue : BEXCO & Busan University of Foreign Studies


Korean Association of The Middle East Studies
Institute for Mediterranean Studies, BUFS
Busan University of Foreign Studies
Institute of Middle Eastern Affairs, Myongji University


Busan Convention & Visitors Bureau
Busan Ilbo
Korea Foundation
Korea Institute for International Economic Policy
Korea National Research Foundation
Minister of Foreign Affairs & Trade

10/5 Pre-Session & Welcoming Dinner

Venue: Busan University of Foreign Studies

18:00Welcoming Dinner

*the above schedule may be changed according to the situation.

Panel 1: Future of Middle Eastern Studies Ⅰ[A 508]

ChairCHOI Chang Mo(Konkuk University)

Presentation1Islam Epistemology in Pre-Meiji Japan

Presenter Sinan LEVENT (Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies, Waseda University, Ph.D. Candidate)
DiscussantHWANG Eui Gab(IMS)

Presentation2Understanding the Palestinian Intifada (1987-1993)

Presenter Hiroyuki SUZUKI (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Ph.D. Candidate)
DiscussantMuemin Hasan Al-Doraydi (BUFS)

Presentation3Arab Oil Weapon of 1973: Any Lesson for Today's Gulf - East Asian Relations?

Presenter Shigeto KONDO (Keio University, Ph.D. Candidate)
DiscussantCHOI Jae Hoon (Dankuk University)

Presentation4Internal Conflicts and Protracted Crisis in Syria

Presenter SEO Jung Min (HUFS)
DiscussantHWANG Byung Ha (Chosun University)

Panel 2: Future of Middle Eastern StudiesⅡ [A510]

ChairWOO Duck Chan (BUFS)

Presentation1The Theory of Ijtihād according to al-Sha‘rani: Unifying Principle in Ottoman Egypt

Presenter ENDO Haruka (Kyoto University, Doctoral student)
DiscussantLEE In Seop (HUFS)

Presentation2What Becomes a Transmitter of Allāh’s Blessing (baraka): The Case Study of Olive in Tunisia

Presenter FUTATSUYAMA Tatsuro (Graduate School of Asian and African Areas Studies, Kyoto University)
DiscussantCHANG Se Won (Dankuk University)

Presentation3A Study on Electronic Culture Atlas for Mediterranean Region Research

Presenter KANG JI Hoon (IMS, Ph.D. Candidate)
DiscussantDiscussant KIM Hee Jung (HUFS)

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10/6 The 9th AFMA International Conference

Venue: BEXCO

10:00-12:00 Session 1
13:30-15:00 Special Session
15:00-15:30Coffee break
15:30-17:30 Session 2
17:30-18:30 General Discussion
18:30-21:00Formal Dinner

Session 1

Panel 1: Political Changes in Middle East

ChairHONG Soon Nam(HUFS)

Presentation1Civil Society and the Road to the Egyptian Revolution : The Global Dimension

Presenter Gamal Selim (Port Said University)
DiscussantCHOI Jae-Hun (Dankuk University)

Presentation2The Middle East in Changes: New Attempts for the Future

Presenter Eid Mohammed (Binghamton University)
DiscussantHamad Mohammed (HUFS)

Presentation3The Arab Spring: a New Middle East Order

Presenter Mohammed Elaskary (Al-Azhar University)
DiscussantLee Hyo Bun (HUFS)

Presentation4Understanding the Sysian Crisis: Military Cohesion and Regime Resilience

Presenter JANG Ji-Hyang & Peter Lee (The Asan Institute for Policy Studies)
DiscussantHousam DARWISHEH (Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization)

Panel 2: Islam Culture and Thought [ ]

ChairKazuhiro ARAI (Keio University)

Presentation1 Research on the Case of Contents Expansion of Museums of Literary Space

Presenter LEE Nan A (HUFS)
DiscussantEUM Ik Ran (Myongji University)

Presentation2The Traditional Marriage Customs of Muslims: between the realities of life and Islamic Fatwa

Presenter KYUK Sun Rae (HUFS)
DiscussantCHO Hee Sun (Myongji University)

Presentation3 Making One's Own place in an Egyptian City through the Daily Practices of Upper Egyptian Migrant Workers and Foremen

Presenter Masaki OKADO (Sophia University)
DiscussantMIN Byung Wha (HUFS)

Panel 3: Middle East Affairs

ChairKeiko SAKAI (Chiba University)

Presentation1Recent Political Developments in Turkey: From the Perspective of the Civil-Military (and Judicial) Relations

Presenter Masamichi IWASAKA (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)
DiscussantAkira USUKI (Japan Women's University)

Presentation2The Myth of Lebanese Diaspora Verification by Opinion Polls, 2010 and 2012

Presenter TAKAOKA Yutaka (The Middle East Institute of Japan) /MIZOBUCHI Masaki (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)
DiscussantTayseer Gomaa (Binghamton University)

Presentation3The Middle East and Islamic Studies

Presenter CHANG Byung Ock (HUFS)
DiscussantJUNG Sang Ryul (Myongji University)

Presentation4Iran's Nuclear Program and US-Iran Relations

Presenter CHOE Young Chol(Jangsin University)
DiscussantCHO Sang Hyun (Korea Research institute of Military Affairs)

Panel 4: Middle East Society

ChairHWANG Byung Ha (Chosun University)

Presentation1The Development of Islamic Tourism in the MENA region: Its Perspective and Prospect

Presenter Shin YASUDA (Kyoto University)
DiscussantKIM Jeong A (HUFS)

Presentation2A Study on Egyptian Folk Song : Focused on Work Song

Presenter YUN Eun Kyeong (HUFS)
DiscussantJANG Hyun JA (Chosun University)

Presentation3Arab Images on Korean News Coverage

Presenter KIM Su Wan (HUFS)
DiscussantLEE In Seop (HUFS)

Panel 5: Middle East Economic & Islamic Financial

ChairSHIM Ui Sup (Myongji University)

Presentation1Korea-Middle East Economic Cooperation

Presenter JOO Dong Joo (Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade)
DiscussantHONG Seong Min (HUFS)

Presentation2Shari'ah Board and Its Membership of Islamic Bank: A Case Study on Malaysia

Presenter Yasuhiro FUKUSHIMA (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
DiscussantKANG Dae Chang (KIEP)

Presentation3Dawn of Institutional Practice of Dispute Resolution in Islamic Finance: A Case Study of Dubai

Presenter Ai KAWAMURA (Kyoto University)
DiscussantKIM Joong Kwan (Dongkuk University)

Presentation4Banking on Ethics vs the Ethos of Banking

Presenter Kifah SALAMEH (Watarmar & Partners SA)
DiscussantYOON Ki Kwan (Chungnam National University)

Panel 6: Middle East Language and Literature

ChairOH Myung Keun (HUFS)

Presentation1A Study on Negative Marker in Person

Presenter KWAK Sae Ra (HUFS)
DiscussantSHIN Kyu Seop (HUFS)

Presentation2Analysis of the 'Democratic' Speeches by Hosni Mubarak in the Egyptian Revolution

Presenter SAH Hee Man (Chosun University)
DiscussantKIM Jong Do (Myongji University)

Presentation3Comparative Possibilities between Korean and Algerian Literatures: Yi Kwang-su and Mouloud Feraoun

Presenter UDO Satoshi (University of Tokyo)
DiscussantCHANG Sae Won (Dankuk University)

Presentation4Arab Feminist Writters and their Strategy for Representing Subaltern Women

Presenter OKA Mari (Kyoto University)
DiscussantLEE Dong Eun (HUFS)

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Formal Ceremony

Opening SpeechWOO Duck Chan (BUFS)
Welcoming SpeechHAH Byoung Joo (President in KAMES, Korea)
Special RemarksJUNG Hae Rin (President in BUFS, Korea)
YANG Guang (President in CHAMES, China)
Akira USUKI (President in JAMES, Japan)
Nyamzagd S. (President in MAMES, Mongol)
Keynote SpeechTimochy C. Niblock (Exeter University)
The Middle East in Changes: New Attempts for the Future

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Session 2

Panel 1: Middle East Politics

ChairLEE Jong Taek (Myongji University)

Presentation1Geo-political Impact of the Arab Spring

Presenter YANG Guang (CHAMES)
DiscussantLEE Kwon Hyung (KIEP)

Presentation2Egypt Between Two Revolutions 1952-2011

Presenter Tayseer Gomaa (Binghamton University)
DiscussantPARK Chan Ki (Myongji University)

Presentation3The Arab Spring and the stalemate in Syria: Beyond the Narratives of Sectarianism

Presenter Housam DARWISHEH (Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization (IDE-JETRO))
DiscussantJANG Ji Hyang (The Asan Institute for Policy Studies)

Presentation4Middle Eastern Regional Order: Past, Present and Future

Presenter Hamad Mohammed (HUFS)
DiscussantKeiko SAKAI (Chiba University)

Panel 2: Dynamics of Islamic Financial

ChairYOON Ki Kwan (Chungnam National University)

Presentation1The New Silk Road and Energy Silk Road in the 21st Century

Presenter HONG Seong Min (HUFS)
DiscussantJOO Dong Joo (KIET)

Presentation2Islamic Finance and Legal Risks

Presenter Sherif Heikal (HUFS)
DiscussantSHIM Ui Sup (Myongji University)

Presentation3An assessment of economic sources of the change in the Arab world since 2010

Presenter Liu Dong (CHAMES)
Discussant Kifah SALAMEH (Watarmar & Partners SA)

Presentation4Korea Culture and Cultural Content Industry in Iran's Future Expansion Strategies

Presenter JUNG Young Kyu (HUFS)
DiscussantSHIN Yang Seb (HUFS)

Panel 3: Social, Cultural and Religious Changes in Middle East

ChairTim Niblock (Exeter University)

Presentation1Falconry is a Cross-Cultural Bridge of nomads

Presenter BILEGSAIKHAN M. (National University of Mongolia)
DiscussantKazuhiro ARAI (Secretary General of JAMES, Keio University)

Presentation2Essential Infra for Urbanization in the North Africa

Presenter Kamaruzaman Yusoff & Nik Hasan Suhaimi (Kebangsaan University)
DiscussantHONG Mee Jeong (DanKuk University)

Presentation3The Study on the penalties in the Moroccan Zaiyan Amazigh Custom laws

Presenter KUM Sang Moon (HUFS)
DiscussantKIM Jung Myung (HUFS)

Panel 4: Mediterranean's Diversity & Middle East

ChairCHOI Chun Sik (IMS)

Presentation1Latin Education in Late Antiquity

Presenter Jee Yeon Jang (IMS)
DiscussantKIM Hee Jung (HUFS)

Presentation2Some Dimentions of Saint Veneration from the time of the Ottoman Empire to the Present Day

Presenter IMAMATSU Yasushi (Kyoto University)
DiscussantYEON Kyu Sok (HUFS)

Presentation3Civil Society in Turkey: Can it be a Model for Neighboring Societies?

Presenter Idiris Danismaz (Doshisha University)
DiscussantLEE JI Eun (HUFS)

Presentation4Liberalism and the Egyptian Society: Lutfi al-Sayyid and his Nationalism in Modern Egypt

Presenter Junichi HIRANO (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)
DiscussantPARK Jae Won (HUFS)

Panel 5: Islam and Muslim's Life: Change of Politics, Economy, Society in Middle East

ChairLEE Jong Wha (Myongji University)

Presentation1Study on the Life-World of Foreign Muslim-Korean Spouse Offsprings

Presenter AN Jung Kook (Myongji University)
DiscussantCHOI Jin Young (HUFS)

Presentation2A Study on Daily Life of Jahiliya Period

Presenter KIM Jong Do (Myongji University)
DiscussantYI Kyu Cheol (BUFS)

Presentation3The Shiah Juris pradence

Presenter Mohammad Hassan Mozafari (Myongji University)
DiscussantJUNG Sang Yeul (Myongji University)

Presentation4Building A Democratic State in Syria: Syrian Writer and Leader of Building the Syrian State Movement

Presenter Louay Hussein (Building the Strian State, Syria)
DiscussantPARK Hyun Do (Myongji University)

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General Discussion

ChairTimochy C. Niblock (Exeter University, UK.)

Presenter1 HAH Byoung Joo (President in KAMES, Korea)

Presenter2 YANG Guang (President in CHAMES, China)

Presenter3 Akira USUKI (President in JAMES, Japan)

Presenter4 Nyamzagd S. (President in MAMES, Mongol)

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10/7 Round Table & Closing Ceremony

Venue: Busan University of Foreign Studies

10:00-12:00Round Table
"How can we cooperate for Middle East Studies?"
13:30-15:00Cultural Performance

Abbreviation List

AFMAAsia Federation of The Middle East Studies
BEXCOBusan Exhibition & Convention Center
BUFSBusan University of Foreign Studies
CAMESChina Association of The Middle East Studies
HUFSHankuk University of Foreign Studies
IMSInstitute for Mediterranean Studies
JAMESJapan Association for the Middle East Studies
KAMESKorean Association of The Middle East Studies
KIEPKorea Institute for International Economic Policy
MAMESMongolia Association of The Middle East Studies

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