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Hotel Booking and Transportation Guides @AFMA2014

The venue, the Yoshida Campus (吉田キャンパス) of Kyoto University (京都大学) is about 6 km northeast of the gate of the city, Kyoto Station. - Approx. 2,000 JPY and 20 min. by taxi. Shopping and downtown area, Shijo-Kawaramachi (四条河原町) and Gion (祇園), is about 3 km far from both Kyoto University and Kyoto Station. - Approx. 1,000 JPY and 10 min. by taxi. Note: In Kyoto, you often get into a traffic jam and it takes more time to reach your destination.

: Station of the Kyoto City Subway

◆ Hotel booking Sites

◆ Selected hotels *See the map above

  1. Aranvert Hotel Kyoto (
  2. Apa Hotel Kyoto Gion Excellent
  3. Royal Park Hotel Kyoto (
  4. The Westin Miyako Kyoto (
  5. Guesthouse Chikyugo <earthship> (
  6. Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto ( *outside of the map

Gosho Area

Shijo Area

  1. Mitsui Garden Hotel Shijo
  2. Via Inn Kyoto Shijomuromachi
  3. Smile Hotel Kyoto Shijo
  4. Hotel My Stays Kyoto Shijo

Kyoto Station Area

  1. Hotel Kintetsu Kyoto Station (
  2. Apa Hotel Kyotoeki-Horikawadori (
  3. New Miyako Hotel (
  4. Hotel Granvia Kyoto (
  5. Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto (

Transportation Guide @AFMA 2014

About the venue, Kyoto University

Transportation from hotels in Gosho Area to Kyoto University:
Imadegawa station(Kyoto City Subway; 10 min. from Kyoto Station): To take Kyoto City Bus, approx. 10-15 mins & cost 230 yen.

Transportation from hotels in Kyoto Station Area to Kyoto University:
Kyoto station(JR: Japan Railway, Kintetsu Railway, Kyoto City Subway): To take Kyoto City Bus, approx. 30-35 mins & cost 230 yen.
# 206: bound for Kitaoji Bus Terminal via Higashiyama St. Get off at "Hyakumanben".
# 17: bound for Ginkaku-ji via Kawaramachi St. Get off at "Kyodai Nogakubu-mae".