(Asian Federation of Middle East Studies Associations)

Outline of Asian Feder ation of Middle East Studies Associations

AFMA was founded at Seoul in October 1995 by the three associations listed below, to promote Middle East studies in Asia by strengthening cooperation and contact among the member associations. The First Conference was held at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul on October 21, 1995, and representatives of founding associations (Professor Ui-Sup SHIM of KAMES, ZHAO Ghuozhong of CHAMES, and Professor ITAGAKI Yuzo of JAMES), signed the founding declaration there after agreeing to the General Rules and electing the Directors.

AFMA has had a regular conference every two years since 1995, and its President is elected and a location for the Secretariat chosen for two-year term. In addition to regular activities, individual exchanges and contacts occur as members of the three associations visit and participate in the annual meetings of each other's associations (KAMES annual meeting in October, JAMES annual meeting in May) and contribute papers to the journals of the associations and other institutes.

At the 4th Conference at Beijing in August 2002, when AFMA presidential and office duties had gone once around the member associations, the AFMA committee decided on the direction for a new phase of AFMA: the founding associations should give information about AFMA activities to the world, especially to East Asian countries, in order to make broader and stronger networks among East Asian institutions and scholars for Middle East studies. In October 2003, Mongolian Association of Middle East Studies officially joined AFMA.

Member Associations:
Chinese Association for Middle East Studies (CHAMES)
Japan Association for Middle East Studies (JAMES)
Korean Association of Middle East Studies (KAMES)
Mongolian Association of Middle East Studies (MAMES)